Who Is It For?

The EZ Nail LIfter competes in the beauty and personal care products market and will provide customers with artificial nail removal that is safe, efficient, and cost effective.

Our product is the only one of its kind and eliminates the most dangerous part of the nail removal process, which is the use of Acetone.

Marketing Research

“The mass nail care market has grown by leaps and bounds since 2009, dwarfing the relatively sleepy growth rates in other cosmetics categories. The explosive growth in mass-market sales of nail care products continued into 2015, as nail care sales grew 26% for the 52 weeks ending April 15, 2016.” ~Market Research.com

Potential customers include:
• Professional Nail care industry
• Major retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart)
• Minor retailers (Beauty supply stores)

EZ Nail Lifter will occupy a unique market position.  No other product offers a mechanical method of acrylic nail removal that works with such ease and speed.

The EZ Nail LIfter sells itself because it has the unique advantage of marketing its product to an already existing market of customers who apply and remove artificial nails.

Once production starts, then sales can begin through E-Commerce and Wholesale.


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